Les Mills On Demand Workouts

You might already know that one of my greatest passions is group fitness. I started out doing leg lifts in my living room as a fourth-grader (thanks Charlene Prickett!), got my group fitness instructor certification when I was 21, and have since taught everything from kickboxing and bootcamp to Zumba and good old-fashioned hi-lo aerobics. And no matter how long I've been teaching, there's nothing I love more than being a participant in a great class with a master instructor.

One of my biggest challenges while traveling is finding the joy of group fitness. Working out by myself on a hotel gym treadmill is just not as much fun. The best thing I've done for my sanity and well-being on the road this year is I got a subscription to Les Mill On Demand.

If you don't know Les Mills, they train group fitness instructors to deliver high-intensity workouts that "create memories, not just burn calories." Until recently, if you wanted to work out with their master trainers on DVD or online (instead of in person at a licensed gym), you had to be a certified Les Mills teacher.

But now you can get online streaming access to 30-minute versions of their most popular programs, including my favorites: Body Combat, a mixed martial arts workout and Sh'Bam, a dance fitness workout. What I love is that their workouts are much more challenging than the typical home fitness DVD -- they really mimic the intensity and joy of a live class.

I've been doing these workouts on the road for the last six months--yes, if you move a little furniture, there's enough room in most hotel rooms to kick, jump, and bootyshake.

I don't get any cut or affiliate link from Les Mills if you subscribe--I'm not even a certified Les Mills instructor! I'm just a fan and wanted to share this with you because it's something I love, and something that's brought me a lot of joy!