How I Work

Life Hacker has a great interview series called “How I Work” that asks writers, CEOS, tech geeks, artists, and other creative/productive folks to explain the how, not the what, of their work process. Dig deep into details about everything from the gadgets they use to their work spaces (photos included), their favorite music playlists, and ahowIworkll-time best time-saving tricks.

I did an interview in their series, which you can read here.

I was completely honest about my work quirks — things that seem like the opposite of what you should do, but that totally work for me (e.g. listen to loud dance music when you need to focus; stay up all night; never make a to-do list; keep your desk a mess; procrastinate a lot).

Read more fun interviews in the How I Work Series at LifeHacker.
And you can also tell me in the comments: Do you have a favorite music genre/playlist/internet radio station/old-fashioned album you listen to when you work?